(Opposite the New Inn Pub on the Havant Road )
What does it do and what goes on there ?

The DI was a gift to the residents of Drayton and Farlington (D&F) from a group of prominent people back in 1920. St. Andrews Church was the only Anglican church in the area and when a Church Hall was muted it was decided to place it in Drayton to satisfy the needs of people in that part of the Parish. The posts of Vicar and two church wardens to be life long trustees. All this was done through a ‘Deed of Gift 1920”. The hall was to be, and still is, run by a Management Committee (MC), also Trustees.

In the original set up all activities had to conform to guidelines indicated by the Anglican church. Until recently, once voted on as a Trustee, you were there for life unless voted off by fellow Trustees. Roughly five years ago the MC applied to the Charity Commission to amend the Deed of Gift to embrace a wider audience, not restricted by Creed, Colour, Race, Sex or Politics etc. This was granted and we are now a much more progressive thinking committee who can now apply to all Funding bodies to develop the DI further. This is something we are currently doing so who knows what the DI will look like in the future. We are now a much more democratic organisation who have to have an AGM each year and be accountable to the residents. All Trustees are now up for re-election, perhaps, you’d like to have an input into the DI management ????

So, what goes on at the DI. In short a whole host of things: - Dancing and Art, Keep Fit and Kick Boxing, Whist and Weight Watchers and much more.

In an effort to open our doors, we, in conjunction with the Drayton and Farlington Action Group, have a “Community Coffee Morning” every Tuesday in the main hall of the DI between 9.30 and 11.30am.

This is completely informal, come in for a chat, pick up a leaflet, ask as many questions as you like and we will see if we can help. I look forward to seeing you.

This article is just a glimpse and I’m sure to be told off for not mentioning the Social Club. Their events are listed in a programme list for the year and appear under this web sites News -  forthcoming events heading.

Dave Higgs (Chair DI)